More About John

Name: John Seekins

Birthdate: May 8, 1973

Education: Searsport District High School 
2 years at Full Sail Univeristy

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Past employment experience:
Security Guard - Groton CT
Fiberglass Fabrication - Groton CT
Dump Truck Driver - Maine
Taxi Driver - Belfast Maine
Contractor - Maine
General Maintenance - Wildwood FL

Online MMO gamer
Clay Sculpting
Metal Sculpture
Motorcycle Riding

States Visited for at least an overnight stay:
Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indianna, Arkansas, 

Places he wants to visit:
Actually the dream is to spend at least one month in every state within the continental US. 

Bucket List:
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit Death Valley 
Ride the Dragon's Tail - Tennessee
Ride the Snake - Tennessee
Ride Three Sisters - Texas
Ride Cherohala Skyway - North Carolina